Mathys Shoevaerdts


(Flemish, born c. 1665, active to 1694)

"Arrival of the merchant"

Oil on oak panel

27 x 43 cm.

Verso inscribed and with seal lacquer "159 Nnº / M C"

Matthijs schoevaerdts worked as a landscape

painter and engraver. He was the brother of the

painter Frans Schoevaerdts and active in Brussels. In

1682 he became the pupil of Adam Frans Boudewijns

and in 1690 a member of the Guild of St. Luke in

Brussels. The influences of Paul Bril and Jan

Brueghel I can be seen in his works. His meticulous

and detailed landscapes have often been confused

with the works of Pieter Bout and Adriaen Fransz.

Boudewijns. He sometimes collaborated with the latter

and with other colleagues, among them Jacques

d'Arthois in whose landscapes he painted the figures.

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